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DHA Logistics
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Office in Ho Chi Minh city

No. 5 Dong Da Street, 7th Floor Building Kicotrans, Ward 2, Tan Binh Dist. Ho Chi Minh city
Tel: +84-8-3547 2386 _
Fax: +84-8-3547 2396

Office in Tay Ninh

No. 37-39 A, Ap Stream Depth, Social Security Net, Trang Bang District, Tay Ninh Province
Tel: +84-066-3898 109 -
Fax: +84- 066-3 898 129

About DHA Logistic
DHA Logistics, also known as DHA Logistics Company Limited.
Head office: No. 5, Dong Da Street, 7th Floor Kicotrans Building, Ward 2, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City.Being a professional freight forwarding company with the collaboration of experienced professionals in the field of forwarding and global freight, DHA Logistics is always eager to offer customers the best solutions for international/ domestic cargos and related services


The Prime Minister has endorsed an air transport agreement that officials of Vietnam and the United States renewed in May this year with an aim to further open the passenger and cargo transport markets for carriers of the countries to capitalize on emerging opportunities.

Sea freight is an integrated element to international trade activities, so DHA Logistics offer sea freight service for exported & imported cargos from Vietnam to worldwide and vice versa